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The Snapdragon 865 is Qualcomm’s latest-and-greatest chipset, set to be the 5G heart of most 2020 Android flagships, and unsurprisingly it blows right past its predecessor when it comes to benchmarks. I’m also here to tell you that, having sat with a Snapdragon 865 reference device and watched it clock up sky-high scores in apps like Antutu, Geekbench, and GFXBench, frankly you almost certainly shouldn’t care about those numbers.

Perhaps the most notable of these improvements are what Qualcomm calls desktop-level features, and as cheesy as the name may sound, it actually makes sense. That’s because one of the big improvements with the Adreno 650 is the ability to update your GPU drivers independently from system updates. GPU updates will be distributed through the Play Store, and Qualcomm says you’ll be able to get them for a long time after your phone has been available.